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Ralph Nader Announces Presidential Run

February 24, 2008

Ralph Nader met with Tim Russert of NBC’s Meet th Press 24 February, 2008.  Mr. Nader made his bid for the 2008 Presidential bid formal.  As a result of his run for President 2008 what affects will we see on the political devices of the Republicans and the Democrats?  Will this create a friction in the average democratic American voter?  How about the Republican strong hold?  What will unfold as the days pass remains a debate and perhaps somewhat a mystery to the everyday American citizen. 

Perhaps the primary question is what will be the effect on the individual democrat campaigns of Obama and Clinton? 

No doubt Ralph Nader’s entry into the 2008 Presidential campaign will require strategists to revise plans.  Questions which Mr. Nader challenges all other candidates on include: single pay national health insurance coverage, the military budget, development of a solar energy plan, open presidential debates, revised Middle-East policy, and repeal of the Taft-Hartley anti-union law.  Mr. Nader has now opened his presidential campaign web site where these and other issues are discussed and his sollutions posted.   

For a review of Ralph Nader and his achievments and goals see his new website .  If you wish to subscribe to his RSS feed the link is .

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