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A Palestinian State

January 7, 2011

A Palestinian State
By Malcolm L. Rigsby
Jan 7, 2011

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Fortunately the PA realizes that if they wait for the Israeli factions in government to arrive at agreeable terms for a state of Palestine it may never occur.  The state of Israel has, against the 67 ceasefire and Oslo, allowed Israeli nationals to enter the West Bank and effectively settle it as an Israeli colony.  One needs only compare the growth of settlements in the West Bank since 1967 to see the state’s acquiescence to this disruption of the indigenous people’s life.  The other nations of the world, as well as empathetic Israeli’s, who respect the call for an independent Palestine must strengthen relations with Palestinian businesses and develop trade that will allow the people of the PA develop a strong infrastructure and government.  This achievement is critical to uniting in spirit and design, the segregated territories of Gaza and the West Bank.  This separation must be mended ideologically, if not physically.  The postitions of the South American governments to recognize Palestine as a separate county and state is a first step in supporting the Palestinian people to exercise “self-based” efforts to clarify their own identity.  A second step that must continue relates to the role of non-governmental organizations.  NGO’s exercising pressures upon Israel are unfortunate, but sometimes are necessary in order to bring change.  IBA broadcasts indicate that these measures are getting the attention of the Israeli government.  Perhaps this pressure will encourage parties who have taken advantage of the segregation and oppression of Palestine to be serious about remaining at the peace table.

Malcolm L. Rigsby is a faculty member in sociology at Ouachita Baptist University, completing his Ph.D. at Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas.  In 1979 he received his B.A.T. from Sam Houston State University, in History and Education with a minor in Sociology.  He holds his J.D. from St. Mary’s University School of Law (1989) and is a licensed attorney in Arkansas and Texas.

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