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What the People Want: a statement behind the Obama Civility Speech

January 21, 2011

In keeping with the latest news from “the Hill”.  People can be partisan and still keep up civility.  As is often the case, politicians (and this filters down to the populace) trap themselves behind policy statements that become unalterable positions and political ideologies.  These ideologies do not always reflect the true needs, interests, and wants of the general populous.  When trapped behind a dogmatic position politicians and government leaders fear loss of “face” if they back down or negotiate outcomes.  This dogmatic position taking does not always result in the best outcome for the people.  The true objective of a representational form of democracy such as we have in America is to represent the general view of the voters that is balanced by the pluralist views of our many diverse groups of our society.  If lawmakers cannot focus on the true interests and need of the people they should not be reelected to office.  Such political stance taking is overwhelmingly due to dogmatic ideology, and such stance is often riddled with tragic results for the citizenry.  As citizens we should actively seek to be informed about the political situation (whatever it may be).  We must exercise informed voting power, as well as promote and take part in organizing interest groups that may then pressure lawmakers to get to the point, lay aside party ideology, and seek positive results.

Further thoughts in my OpEd Civility Through Wonder

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