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Media Driven Frenzy

April 24, 2013

This what happens when media platforms are abused; it drives segments of people in fear. I refer to the following news report where a young man went missing last week in the wake of the Boston events, and to a report this morning (April 24, 2013) that indicated his body may have been found. Is the body pulled from the river that of Seneil, a young college student whose name and pictures covered the internet last week as a public driven frenzy accused him of being one of the Boston bombers?
In this case media frenzy feeds fear from terror and this in turn drives collectivities of people to participate in raw responsive behavior. This type of behavior is basic stimuli driven response. It may seem logic driven, but is fraught with potential fallacy. It may be compared with common sense which appears convincing, but which has yet to be established by careful examination of facts. This is a type of crowd response, gut driven and seeking an immediate solution to a basic instinct such as fear, or anger. Its potential is as devastating to a society as the days of blood following the French Revolution.

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