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Civil vs. Political Society

July 11, 2013

In consideration of Gramsci’s discussion of civil v political society: civil society is made up of voluntary (rational and non coercive) associations and affiliations such as schools, families, unions. Political society is centered on the state as an institutional hub for institutional support organizations that are bureaucratic in form, (the military branches, the police) whose role is direct domination of the polity. In civil society there is culture by consent of the people. Groups freely seek to dominate various issues and shift as necessary for sake of influence. This illustrates power struggle, but the type that is not usually open and in the forefront of daily activity in the society; it is hegemonic. Problematic is when this latent power that shifts between segments of the society halts and becomes embedded within one group. Culture shifts from one of the people, created by the people to one imposed upon the people.

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