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War is Peace?

July 12, 2013
What does the phrase “war is peace” mean? In George Orwell’s novel 1984 the government had convinced the people that war was the only answer to achieve peace and security. The outcome had become a perpetual war. What happens when a nation enters a perpetual and un-winnable war? is the “war in terror” in which we as Americans now find ourselves enmeshed such a perpetual and unwinnable war? If so, such a war which promotes continual US interventions within other sovereign states in the name of peace loses its credibility. Perhaps more importantly, such an ongoing war and the growing fears that accompany it has led the federal government to take alarming steps toward the reduction of American civil rights. One example is the degree of surveillance by which our government infringes each citizens right to freely move about and express their views. It is clear by the released information associated with the so called Edward Snowden affair that we as Americans are becoming disenfranchised from our essential freedoms of which our own patriots, once called traitors by England, dearly sacrificed life, family and money. Disenfranchisement of our Bill of Rights and freedoms thorough surveillance in the name of freedom our President says must be accepted. Meanwhile we are swamped by enormous amounts of information that somehow it has become more difficult to sort out the truth of the data and consider it “knowledge”. It is the large amount of “swamping” information accompanied by inability to sort it out as truth or fiction that is leading our society to a state of social anomie formulated by Emile Durkheim, where knowledge, wisdom and virtue become irrelevant. It is in this state of indeterminable irrelevance that the people lose direction and are urgently seeking direction. They seek direction and in the state of mind of loss they are willing to accept a charismatic leader regardless his/her qualifications, qualities, or quantitative work history. 
Where does this lead a nation’s people?  The answer is exactly anywhere the charismatic sovereign directs them, unquestioningly.  The government through the sovereign and band of oligarchs direct the people to their own social power building objectives.  The people become subservient to the government.  The government is no longer to serve the people and is no longer accountable to the citizens, rather the citizens are increasingly accountable to the government.  The democratic government is fragile form of government.  Easily, in the name of the people’s best interest, democratic government can become subject to a small elite band that become the oligarchical ruling party.  When two parties continually fight over party methods, but their objectives are the same, such as to control and gain power of the society, the country’s government is ripe  for a re-alliance of the parties.  Without the knowledge of the citizens, a small powerful oligarchy may then form, making one party only a general flunky; an “image” of a party, but without power to speak for anyone, itself or the people.  The oligarchy must then become offensive as well as defensive.  It must invade offensively the citizens and other potential critics both temporally and spatially.  Freedoms of speech, press, and privacy must be defensively monitored and laws written, revived or reconstructed in a way to persecute any potential enemy or critic.  Events both international and domestic must be engineered and deployed in order to blind-sight the public, both domestic and international, so that the conversion from a democracy to an oligarchy may be complete.  Anyone who is critical of forcefully opposes the shift in government, such as Edward Snowden, is labeled traitor and or criminal.  See More
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