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America’s Grade School System and Mystifying Mind-Think

May 25, 2014

The Arkansas television ad for is ridiculous. All the kid ‘s in the ad are saying; ‘I wish I was in school’ and similar statements. The viewer quickly and in a misleading format gets the idea that education is good and wholesome. Excellent deduction, correct? We get the idea these kids are inspired to learn and miss the academic educational setting. Then the ad tells us ‘kids that are not in school aren’t getting good nourishing meals.’ In reply, and this is simply my opinion about education, but here it is.
Since the 1960s concept of Johnson’s Great Society the U. S. government has changed the focus and use of education from a place where knowledge is developed and youth are inspired as individuals to expand their creativity and teachers inspire in individuals the desire to learn ‘how to think in creative and unique ways.’ While universalized learning may heard the masses it is clear that some individuals resist governmental ‘mind-think’ and wish to be expressive and creative. But not all of these expressive and creative individuals are the same. The government must decide which may be hegemonically molded in a ‘governmentally useful way’ and which are ‘too individualistic and creative to mold to governmental needs’. It is at this juncture that three levels of students’ emerge in U. S. modern public education; the masses which I call the ‘learners’, the necessary which I call the ‘constructed thinkers’, and the incorrigibles which I call the ‘enterprisers’.
Complicit with the U. S. government’s oversight of childhood education, public school is now a place of ‘collective social training and social/physical welfare’ where teachers are are in dualistic roles as custodial sitters and disseminated of ‘canned’ materials’ forced upon the collective youth. The masses of Children are taught not to be unique and creative (except for an elite and tested few) but to learn standardized and otherwise pre-approved and canned material in a rote fashion, to expect the state to take care of them. If the child regurgitates the standard recitations they pass the course and are said to be knowledgeable and successful. ‘Learner’. These children are applauded and viewed as patriotic believers of the American Dream.
Next, a select and socially pliable few are hegemonically segregated and while taught to accept the State as the epitome of ‘Social Truth’ they are also groomed to develop creativity in areas of the necessary physical and natural sciences. These children are presented by the government as patriotic success stories that give proof to the world that America is the best. Under the still waters though these success stories shore up and provide the State with new technology, engineering and hard science discoveries for new innovations. These outcomes serve the State directly and secondarily trickle down indirect benefit to the citizen. Primarily these ‘Constructed Thinkers’ make the powerful government more powerful and assure its bureaucratic continuance.
But what about children that want to think and be creative but reject the governmental ‘mind-think’. These enterprising children are similar to those groomed as creative thinkers. They are otherwise creative, but they are extreme individualists rejecting the State’s methodology. Being extremely burdensome for the State to manage with mind-think this segment of our youth are labeled troublemakers and incorrigible and deviant/ criminalistic ‘roughnecks’. As in the study of the “Saints and the Roughnecks” Saints are model citizens that follow State defined norms, values, beliefs and behavior. Conversely, the Enterprisers are the opposite and are fodder for prisonization and forms of stigmatized deviance roles such as delinquency, status offending, or crime.
Yet the State must control all three groups. The masses are mystified as in Classic Marxist fashion and the carrots continue to dangle in promise if tomorrow. “Just keep working and believing”, the bureaucracy spews, “things will be better soon.” The creative learner likewise is mystified by larger increments if success. Perhaps not a carrot dangles before them, but rather they receive nice tidbits of steak from the bureaucratic dinner table, but not too much. After all if they become too happy they may become too independent in exercising creativity. Meanwhile, the ‘creative learner success stories’ serve to inspire the mystified masses that a bit more patience and hard work will pay off for them also. Last the enterprisers are also mystified. Using ‘negative mysticism’ the State impresses the masses, the constructed thinkers and the enterprisers that all who are ‘too free in thinking’ are weird, deviant, unbelievable, or criminal. The enterprisers themselves even learn to maximize this stigma. Rather than developing free thought our system regulates it, discourages it or punishes it.
In this way the State assures advancement of necessary technology simultaneously stifling any question of social betterment. Systematically the masses are generation by generation transformed into the States ‘model citizen’; one which fails the creativity test, but follows every command. And, because the populous are no longer creative they overwhelmingly never question what they have been conditioned to believe as truth.

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