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Terror: Winners and Losers; the State, the Citizen and the Terrorist

June 20, 2014

Terrorists attack unarmed non-combatant civilians in an effort to achieve a goal that may be identified as social, cultural, traditional or political (in part Sadri). Often the goal is blurred by combining two or more of these goals. Since terrorists cannot quantify a victory over the government they oppose they qualitatively win by creating fear in government that in turn abuses citizens freedoms! Traditionally, although this may be changing due to developing communications technologies, Terrorists realize they cannot overcome the power of the State in an outright war. Hence the alternate victory is to seek change in the State by creating so much anxiety in State leaders that leaders aided by the state mass media over react with misaligned fear that drives new laws and calls for invasive reporting tactics. America is only one case in point where the citizens as well as government has become paranoid. Just like a group of ‘dopers’ that fear a ‘Norc’ is in their midst. The State presents current events to the media and calls for greater intrusions on liberties of citizens claiming to be taking the least restrictive step in order to assure public safety. The mass media sensationalizes tragic events which either instills public fear or in some cases desensitizes the populous. If ‘fearful’ the citizens accept intrusions on liberties in return for safety. If ‘desensitized’ the citizens “disconnect” from social issues. In either case the government has great potential to rough-shod over the citizens which they are sworn to protect. With the creation of these mental conditions the citizenry becomes malleable and accepting of restrictions on freedoms and liberties.

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