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Guns, Fists and Check Points

July 3, 2014

I was watching an old television program from the 1950s last night. Sorry I can’t recall the name just now. In the plot, a city dwelling man wanted to kill someone. He had asked his wife to purchase a pistol for him. She did and he committed the murder. Later the wife realized what had occurred and she made the comment to her husband “you wanted me to purchase the pistol because no one suspect a woman of plotting such a murder and you yourself did not want to appear to be a coward for using a gun”. It occurred to me just how far societal perceptions about guns had moved in 60 years.

Now days as I look about it appears that no one would distinguish between a male or female suspected of murder with a gun. Furthermore in our present society it appears that “manliness” is associated with “carrying” a pistol. Has our society degenerated so far that now use of a weapon is manly. Is it a measure of esteem rather than cowardice to settle differences with “death by guns” rather than diplomacy or at most through a good old fashioned “fist fight”?

Sometimes I question my generation’s scolding of their kids for fighting with their fists and settling disagreements through similar physical means. Whereas I am not a proponent of any violence, sometimes there is need for physical responses. Physical response may act as a check valve to release pressure that might lead to greater violence. When we have been taught not to respond with violence does it make sense that some individuals may eventually pass a check point and explode? If so, might that explosion coupled with weapons lead to more tragic results than a good old fashioned fist fight?

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