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Terrorism and America’s Transforming Identity

December 21, 2014

Political and public fear of growing terror and recruitment of terrorists dominates a transforming identity for America.  This transformation affects America as a society as well as our group affiliations and each of us as an individual citizen.  Fear has come to infiltrate our institutions and organizations and in turn affect our civil liberties.  Fear can be a driving force, stirring individuals and collectivities toward very animalistic behavior.  Fear can reduce the ability to methodically test, logically analyze and respond with only the reasonable and necessary safeguards that assure both increased safety and maximum freedom under the circumstances.  In this light, it is possible for some groups to be segmented and more closely regulated than others.  This substantiates prejudice and the objectification of prejudice which is discrimination.  Both prejudice and discrimination are promoting arbitrary and untested criteria to dictate viewing of and treatment of others in a different way from the rest of the population.   If the objective facts and analysis reflect the need in protecting the society this is sometimes acceptable, but when based on untested fear and rhetoric it is not acceptable.  Several guidelines must accompany the task of evaluating any potential relationship between terror and religion in order to assure reliable data for analysis.  One area of concern is the long term existence of religion as a means of coping, change and rehabilitation in the American prison system.

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