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Peace on Earth Good Will Toward All…..

December 25, 2014

Ahh Christmas, a day of peace and good will! As people the world over sing about peace in earth and good will toward all; it is America, the self styled watchdog of democracy, that is embracing a film depicting assassination.

Now, as we all probably have watched there are many fils about assassination and other types of violence. Although these films may be repulsive to some it is agreed that Free Expression covers these films and media. However it is not simply a killing that the film The Interview depicts. Rather The Interview is a Hollywoodized depiction of the assassination of a very real, alive and an identifiable person; Kin Jong Un.

Now; granted Kim is not the type of person that I nor most Americans admire. Yet, Kim is a live human being. Just think about it!

In our politically driven mass frenzy a crowd like emotion driven response couched in terms of “quashed free speech” many if not most Americans have screamed out for the promotion of The Interview.

To this end, I will leave you to contemplate the implications.

Peace, Salam, Shalom

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