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Free Two Year College?

January 10, 2015

I have been thinking about the proposed “free Two Year College Program” and the words that are being freely tossed about in describing it; education vs training.

There is a distinction between training and educating. Education gives knowledge to the learner. The able learner is then equipped to think & apply the knowledge creatively; to explore, critically analyze and create or modify things, processes, beliefs and the like. The educated class creates the widget or process to be produced through this creativity combined with knowledge of education and free thinking.

On the other hand, training regiments a person to follow a particular process, respond to a given stimulus and not question; these are task performers.

The educated are the platform for the middle class both white collar and partly the blue collar. These groups stabilize and grow the economy and society . The trained form the blue collar and a few make it to the white collar groups. They primarily serve a production frame and enable the designs of the educated to become part of a society wide production system.

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