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Shahnameh The Epic of the Persian Kings

January 23, 2015

I wanted to share the news. Due to my suggestion, the Huie Library at Henderson State University now has a copy of the glorious book of poetry Shahnameh The Epic of the Persian Kings, by Abolqasem Ferdiwsi (940-1020 AD) and translated by Dr. Ahmad Sadri and illustrated by (Dr., Mr. ?) Hamid Rahmanian. The copy arrived Thursday and awaits its audience. I have sent out news of its arrival to my friends and colleagues.
Following is a sample of what I have shared with my friends:

Shahnameh, the glorious essence and heart of the history, myth, and traditions of ancient Persia mesmerizes the mind and soul as the reader experiences an interwoven tale of fantasy in love and luck, dreams and demons, prowess and political intrigue. All the while Ferdowsi’s historic fantasy will not only paint many vivid emotions within your mind, but also the miniatures and illustrations will pull you into the scenes as you retrace the stories which you are reading.


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