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America: the Free

February 25, 2015

@famousquotenet: Both oligarch and tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of their arms. – Aristotle

The “Iron Rule of Power” doctrine says that ‘eventually even Democratic Republics will become centralized with a professional political elite.’

This occurs when the perhaps well meaning political elite perceive their ruling ability to be superior to the masses. In assuring the survival of the state and best functionality of society at large they will formulate an Oligarchy of the intelligentsia which will rule the society. The Oligarchy will regulate order and necessary change through the use of a strong military and military-like national law enforcement system. Social controls will be enforced through the use of severe and plentiful laws.

A problematic arises when groups within the citizenry realize that power is becoming too centralized and exclusive. Left unchallenged the intelligentsia will continue to slowly reorganize the society’s laws toward support of an Oligarchical leadership. During this time certain patriots or opportunists may attempt to enter the scene. These individuals and groups may seek to restore the Democratic Republic. Many of these challengers will be portrayed as traitors, whistle blowers and otherwise un-patriotic deviants or criminals. Where necessary to preserve the order of the change these groups will be silenced in the name of order, national security, or un-Americanism. Mass media will become a tool of the intelligentsia in managing the move from Democratic Republic to Oligarchy. Hence most of the public will be unaware of the change until all is complete.

In the midst of the transition from Democratic Republic to Oligarchy coups led by patriots and/ or opportunists may occur. These rallies in autonomy of the people may be marketed to the public as an attempt to restore order in the name of the people. If the coup is successful the leaders may restore the Democratic Republic or use their new power to establish authority in a Dictatorship.

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