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Monday Evening Reflections on Identity

May 9, 2015

Just some Monday evening reflection.

This semester I served on a Masters Committee for one of my students. Today We convened for her Thesis Defense. She did superb. Part of her discussion involved political analysis of Edward Said’s definition of Orientalism and it’s effect upon identity and developing freedoms in the the so called Middle East.

As I contemplate her discussion and the state of the world’s numerous Nation-states, including our own USA I can’t help but consider the role of ‘civility’ in human interaction. It is interesting how uncivil our civilization has become. :)).

What role has ‘labeling’ had in the current status of politics, culture, racism, and ethnocentrism? I can’t help but consider that Orientalism is only one face of Janus. In fact it may only be one serpent of Medusa.

Suppose that t in reality those in high places use their power not only against other nations and to construct a foreign peoples identity, but that they also use their power against our own US citizens to shape our own understanding of who we are.

Glorified or berated as they may be, I suppose I remain favorable to much of what Marx and Engels postulated years ago. Perhaps a bit if Habermas is also appropriate as we consider the Neo-Citizenry that is being created in the void of the digital divide. Especially considering that as a digitalized people hidden, faceless, even devoid of much compassion in the online environment.

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