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Thoughts on American Sociality

June 29, 2015

I believe we have much uncertainty in America today. Not discounting the fact that uncertainty is always a factor of life. I recall the uncertainty of the. 60s & 70s. Movements then were daily variables of life, Vietnam, Black Power, Brown Berets, Native American and the beginnings of the Gay movement that later coupled and grew into LGBT. Socialism was on the scene then and in my dad’s young adulthood of the 1930s there was also the Nazi movement in America. Guthrie’s music spun from this era. But, today there is lacking any grounding. Then there was a fair amount of trust in our government. Whether the 30s or 60s even the ones that wanted to change society trusted that basic needs to sustain bare life would be protected by government. Maybe I am incorrect, but I see that basic trust waning quickly in our society today.

I believe there is a growing segment of society today that not only seeks the change that each generation seeks, but moreover unlike past times fail to believe our govt can or even wants to provide protection to citizens. Rather I believe they perceive the government overwhelmingly using and manipulating citizenry and even illegal immigrants and minority groups for the advance of the elite few that dictate the majority rule. This leaves growing numbers of our society either mystified into believing the powers that be or on the other hand cognizant of the manipulation and merely surviving in a state of anomie. Strain in our society is distorting government purpose, religiosity, and social relationships.

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