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Is Media the Instigator of Hate: Race, Islam

December 31, 2015

So when an American Jew takes a gun in America and attacks some Muslims saying he wants to spill Muslim blood in America, and when others in a series of attacks on the Muslim community burn Mosques and paint hate messages it is Not Terrorism, and when a group attack an elderly Sikh (non-Muslim) man beating him, breaking his jaw and bones, but not for robbery, our US agendiosentric Media overlooks the report and otherwise refuses to call it terrorizing activity.
 Folks over the past year these terrorizing activities by non-Muslims against Muslims and Muslim looking people have escalated. Statements by power figures have in my estimate added to this growth.
This media and politic sourced type of fear associates positively with hate crime against particular social categories of people. Simply put it drives people animalistically to behavior injuring and killing other people that are perceived to be, or who are Muslim. In America and elsewhere this is wrong. There are good, not so good, not so bad and bad people in all social categories, cultures, religions, militaries, politics, media, and nations. We must never fall so low as to collectify any category of people because of our impression of individuals we know, have related with, seen, heard about, or who are portrayed by the news or created in any other media or policy driven exchange.  
As Mark Twain said after his own experiences, we must go forth and meet people one on one in social intercourse and daily conversation, with open mind toward each person we meet and only then form our own impression of that one person, not the whole collectivity of which it appears they may belong.  
This Islamaphobic age is little different from our current media and politic driven reporting on race coupled with the politically driven racism which is inbred in our country’s social institutions that keeps race a tension in our country. As Karl Marx said, disunity among a citizenry keeps the people from uniting and closely examining the power group’s motives and behavior. Citizen disunity keeps them from collectively examining what those in power have as their true agenda. Citizens are fractured into subcultural groups that see each other with fear, suspicion and hate. As a collective unit the citizenry remain mystified and in continual struggle with each other over issues the power makers create and engineer. Hence, those in power ‘party’ and play capitalistic games while the populous fights and squabbles.
Here is my challenge America. Wake up! Meet individuals, dialogue, look for common ground and critique what the various media (music film and Internet included) tell you to believe. Think for yourself.   

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