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Open Carry 

January 11, 2016

To Open Carry or Not to OpenCarry: that is the question!

Although as a constitutionalist and a lawyer I believe people have the right own and to ‘reasonably’ bare arms this “open-carry” concept distorts the limits of our freedoms and the constitution.

Here is my point: the open carry response is an animalistic-behavioral knee jerk response driven by a fearing public.
First: Our citizenry has been driven into fear by a media frenzy over several things, all of which have some truth value, but which are driven by aggrandized ‘so-called news reporting’ that is geared to shocking the public into following the media outlet and increasing ratings for the agency/corporation benefit. These reporting facilities have increasingly since the introduction of the mega channels in the late 70s & 80s taken political party positions, become more embedded in politics and in turn become talking heads for spinning government points of view to the exclusion of alternative views, positions and explanations.

Second: the statement that terrorism exists is true. But our picture of terrorism is distorted. It is not only using religion, but also politics and race. All three are seeded by cultural deprivations born in tension over precious commodities: power and economics. But, the media paints a distorted picture of the terrorist that focuses on creating a feared ‘other’ that is mono visually portrayed as one group. Today’s terrorist is multi faced and comes in all shades of skin tone, differing religions, politics… They are of Caucasian as well as African descent as well as other groups. But we have been taught to see them as one.

This brings us to point three which is race. Race is a convenient mythical way to define good and bad in terms of color. Hence race is a distortion. The darker a person’s skin shade, the more evil a person is to be portrayed and easily applied to the ‘created other’ by media and subsequently ‘agreed’ to by the non-thinking public. News agencies and mega corporations seized on the immediacy of digital technology to issue onslaughts of skewed stories that drive home points that fit government agendas to keep the public mystified, lost and in fear of those about they. Why? To keep citizenry from uniting in anything except what the government wants them to.

Fourth: with media and political distortion the public becomes segmented, lost, unable to seek truthful advise as to where to turn. Fear grabs them. Thy reach quickly and jerkingly for anything that seems secure. They become fodder for clever campaigns for ‘change’, any change, as the public desperately seeks ‘something’ to offer a modicum of stability. Any figment or convenient other becomes a rally point.

In truth cultural abuses, economic fears and desire of a power grubbing few for yet more power drives these distorted rally points. Mainstream Media (except for a few brave independents) jump into bed with these powerful and or charismatic leaderships. Not all are governments, some are start up charismatic groups such as skinheads, ISIS, Taliban. Along with established governments. they use the media to snare followers.

In America though crime overall has been in decline since the 90s but this to is overall a distortion. We hear of crime constantly. And we know the villains the media has painted their distorted picture in terms of skin color, religion, economic status, and when convenient by status as homeless. Add terrorists, nut case killers, clothing, religion, even uniforms and you have a recipe for fear. Add to this the fear hype that ‘all’ police are going wild with use of force and the public becomes frenzied. Irrationality and non-rationality begins to dictate behavior. Is there truth in the violence about us? Are some police corrupt? Are some Muslims terrorists? Are some Black Americans thugs? Yes to all. Just as there are good police, Christians & Jewish terrorists, and White Americans thugs. However, media avoids all but the painted picture. Driven by the distorted image all police are evil, driven by prejudice and hate of Blacks, all people that dress culturally in an eastern way are Terrorists (even if Muslim or not), all Black are criminals! If we use our rationality we know these statements are not true. People stand on their own in whether, good/bad, friendly/unfriendly, hateful/loving, or productive/lazy.

The constitution allows reasonable carrying of fire arms. But fearing proponents in response to hype driven fear and political rhetoric have distorted this. The public has come to see the gun as the only viable means for individual safety. We are ensnared in the trap designed to keep us at each other’s throats while the powerful manipulate the economy, politics, and war for their own advantage in creating more power and wealth. Terrorism, crime, race, police use of force are only convenient vehicles that fulfill need to keep the public receptive to prejudice and drive fear that keeps any but a few from waking up and using logic.

The open carry is just another stage of concealed carry. Neither law was required by the constitution. The fear driving these laws has encroached since the 1990s. Now when you walk down the street people are more fearsome for their life than 20 years ago. There is more distrust and this leads to more hate and avoidance when what we need is trust and coming together.

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