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Breaking IPhone: Government Intrusion and Privacy

February 20, 2016

Wake up America! Let me preface this before you jump me crying patriotism and terrorism! I agree we must allow law enforcement and if necessary military to protect American soil. Now I will proceed:
As of Friday the US Department of Justice is suing Apple to force the company to give the US Government the technology encryption procedure that will allow the government, including any US military, US criminal justice agency or US law enforcement to as needed and determined by the government to unlock any iPhone based on their need.
Now what is the reason given in the government’s pleading? Answer: To unlock the iPhone used by the San Bernardino man & woman (I do not use their names in order to dishonor their action) that led the attack last fall. Supposedly the US can’t unlock the encryption and believe evidence on the phone will uncover accomplices. Good. To the need to crack the iPhone I agree. This is legitimate. Although encryption of iPhone is for owner/ lessee safety and security this is an overriding and I believe, legitimate government need. So what is the problem?
The problem is that the government could obtain the information on the iPhone by allowing Apple to unlock this one individual phone(s) and download all of its content and data trails. This could be done without giving the government (a third party) access to technology thereby giving the government itself the power to decide when, where and to whom they wish to subject to having their daily lives examined under a microscope of zealous inquiry. To this claim the government replies “we will not abuse and will protect the trade secret”. But folks we know individuals abuse power and knowledge and the government is one if not the largest employer in the United States of America. In addition we also know the government has been the victim of leaks and had its own agencies integrity jeopardized by encryption hacks and firewall breaches.
Voice your opinion by contacting your State and Federal representatives and senators. It is your, mine and everyone’s safety and security we consider here. Safety and security as a nation, but also as individuals, both our publicity, but also our privacy that is in jeopardy.

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