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America That Was

June 23, 2016

Being a Suspect has never been the legal guide for denial of a legal or constitutional US Right. All I am saying is if this standard is changed be prepared for this precedent to ripple through our other constitutional freedoms as well. Just something to consider.  
Our government has already made inroads toward arresting (detaining) US citizens and holding them indefinitely without setting Constitutionally required hearings and trial. We have much rhetoric about “grouping” of people based upon a generally identifiable and might I add “perceived” appearance.  
In reviewing my life, I have not seen such a level of public “fear” in America even during the 60s in relation to civil rights and the so called ‘Soviet Threat’. Even then those in fear had a ‘known’ predator. Moreover, we and even oppressed minorities trusted our government to protect us as Americans. Today, there appears to not only be distrust but growing fear that the government is failing to protect us. Why? One element is that rogue terrorists are accomplishing their message. Other than the growing military-like ISIS; terrorists realize they cannot win a military campaign. This is why they use terrorism against unarmed civilian populations. Since they cannot win an outright military campaign they set their design on terrorizing the public with aim of creating fear, uncertainty and disarray. In other words terrorists seek to disrupt the target society through fear and drive the target into irrational or non-rational behavior.  
Fear in a society creates a ripe moment for fundamental knee jerk changes in government, laws (including constitutions) and civil rights.  
Americans: we must remain logical and rational in our actions. Knee jerk behavior seeking quick “so called ‘fixes” may carry long lasting negative effects and may forever change our form of government.  

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