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Wave of Police Killing

July 23, 2016

Just Thinking. I agree there is no excuse for public officials including law enforcement to be physically or emotionally abusive toward; including cursing citizens of the US of whom they are to serve and protect. This includes those who are stopped, suspect, arrested, and or convicted as well as witnesses, victims and general public citizenry.
Having said this…those who who kill a law enforcement officer (since canine are called officer now I define officer as a human) should if found guilty be executed by formal procedure of the State. If these killings of law enforcement continue it appears that the rights of ordinary US citizenry will suffer under the control of a Police State. Once this occurs the protections of the 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th and 14th Amendments of the US Constitution will be curtailed as least restrictive means to optimize safety and life of officials as well as the public order. Those whom I have heard saying that law enforcement is getting its just desert had better consider the consequences of a restrictive reading of the US Constitution and its Amendments (which also includes the 2nd Amendment).
Once suspended or narrowed in interpretive scope the citizenry will lose both civil and protective rights against abuse by the State and the Court will most likely consider “least restrictive” means in controlling citizen freedom of movement, search and seizure, and speech very broadly in favor of State action toward citizens.  

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