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Winds of Change and America’s Weakening Glue

October 1, 2016

Personally I believe much of the problem today arises in the 1990s political drive focusing on “diversity” or distinctions between American peoples in terms of subcategories categories in terms of migrant cultural traditions and histories of their ancestors.  
     This process places notations on differences and often fosters or increases ‘exclusivity’. In this case the categorical identity of US nationalism was the driving force behind the diversity movement. This monocular focus created tension over cultures and histories of subcategories of Americans. This focus on differences has in my opinion increased tensions over cultural and historical distinctions thereby translating into exclusivist dogmas in self identity’ and ‘community identity’.  
     Rather than diverse sub-identities (for we each have many) the national “and” cultural focus together should have been and more so now should be to seize upon “unity” or similarity” of Americans as a dominant culture. After all, those who have sought to become Americans are above all else Americans. And while each sub category of Americans have cultural traditions and histories to be proud of we as Americans have a dominant culture and history to take pride in, share with others, and seek together to make even greater.  
     The diversity movement in my opinion has confused the definition of what it is to be American. This has created an anomic effect: creating too great a focus on diversity and driving egoistic responses from the many sub-categories who are each groping for understanding and direction in life (Durkheim 1915). Each sub-category of Americans find themselves lost in direction and have little guidance to call upon for answers. Increasingly our populous distrusts the status quo in terms of politic, religion, family, military, government, the three branches of criminal justice, media and health care.  
     Without restoration in social solidarity our American culture is progressively coming unglued and frays of the tearing cloth are our people fluttering in the wind. A wind of too rapid change unregulated and little in terms in integration.  

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