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Zurich Shooter Berlin Shooter

December 20, 2016

First, I am not downplaying anything in regards to the wanton taking of another’s life. However, why isn’t the Zurich, Switzerland attack on a mosque getting the same news coverage as Berlin, Ankara or even Syria? Granted these are three different kinds of killings.  
The Ankara, Turkey assassination of the Russian Ambassador was political assassination. The Syrian situation clearly has elements of “war crime” which are similar to the indiscriminate and criminal tactics of the regime of Israel against the children, women, and aging of Gaza. Yet Israel remains unscathed by news reporting on these atrocities. Berlin distinctively appears terroristic, but then again so does the lone shooter that entered the Zurich mosque filled with worshippers. No media I have thus far predicted the religion, if any, of the Zurich shooter. Perhaps until they can safely report that the shooter was “Islamic looking” they will not give this event much coverage. This leaves me looking for a thread by which to seek to understand these reporting strategies.

Zurich, Switzerland

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