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Nut, Burglar or Terrorist?

April 9, 2017

Nut, Terrorist or Burglar?….Or all three? Of course according to Mass Media were he A follower of Islam they would clearly say Terrorist and reduce the rest to a one sentence by-line. Regardless this person is the face of what is going wrong globally. People everywhere are tired and lost.  
They are lost because no one anymore knows where to look for factual, objective and logic driven answers and guidance to where we are and where we are headed. Everything is politically charged and set on polarized agenda(s).  
People globally are tired of abuse of human beings at the benefit of the less than 1% that truly make the decisions for the world and its many nations. Domhoff called these the Power Elite.  
Together the pressure of being tired of abuse has fed the Anomic loss in direction that our planet’s people are experiencing (Durkheim). This social strain fed by the powerful has institutionalized itself in virtually every aspect of daily life. Methods and avenues of human success as well as ultimate satisfaction of success coupled with an extremely Potent wave Nationalism is pointing us toward major upheavals in virtually every corner of our planet (Merton, Agnew). People have overwhelmingly in response to loss of direction come to exhibit one of two extremes. They either blindly seek humanistic altruism or conversely self centered egoism.
Blindly the mainstream appears to grasp to sanity however politicized campaigns about False media drives a wedge between logic and fear. In hopes of sanity and logic they blindly follow charismatic on each end of the political venue. They trust in promises of a Utopia much as mankind has always (Mannheim) and in doing so the the most charismatic and Media portrayed leader is saluted. The charismatic egomaniac distorts the truth through their power brokers and agents of authority. Feebly the citizen seeking comfort buys the story (Marx, Quinney). They either become the terrorist seeking the Divine Utopia, or the Roman Republic spreading the Utopian Secular and Democratic global society. Both are skewed in focus, both extreme and both creating needless suffering and death.  Nut, Burglar or Terrorist?

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